Thoracic Surgery
03 Ocak 2019

Thoracic Surgery Center

This is a special thoracic surgery center with a team composed of an anesthesiologist, chest diseases, oncology, and radiology as well as technical-medical facilities and equipment, where emergency and elective thoracic surgery is fully performed. Department of Thoracic Surgery includes a team specialized in surgery of lung cancer (diagnosis and treatment) and other lung diseases.  This department has got a professor, 8 associate, 6 specialist and 18 assistant doctor. There are total 20 patient rooms  in this department. 2 rooms with one bed, 6 rooms with two beds and 12 rooms with three beds. There are 4 operation rooms and there is an intensive care unit with seven beds.

Thoracoscopic Surgeries

VATS lobectomy, bilobectomy in Lung Cancer,

VATS wedge resections in Lung Cancer,

VATS thymectomy,

VATS mediastinal mass resections, 

VATS pleural biopsy, decorticasyon, bullectomy,

VATS lymph node biopsy, lung biopsy

Thoracoscopic sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis (ETS)

Other Surgeries


Resections for lung cancer (sleeve resections, neoadjuvant resections)

Resection of Carcinoid Tumors 

Resections for metastatic lung diseases 

Bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, non-malign resections such as hydatic cysts 

Lung resections to reduce volume 

Bullectomy for pneumothorax, etc.


Mediastinal mass and cyst resections 

Diagnostic mediastinotomy


Tracheal segment resections 

Removal of foreign bodies

Endotracheal-endobronchial procedures


Pleural biopsies 

Mesothelioma surgery


Chest Wall 

Chest wall resections and reconstructions 

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome surgery


Stoma, abscess surgery

Diaphragm Surgery

Pericardium surgery

Resections of esophageal malign and benign tumors

Rigid Bronchoscopy

Differently from flexible bronchoscopy, it is performed under general anesthesia. It is mostly chosen for therapeutic bronchoscopy applications. However, it can also be used for diagnostic purposes in tumors at high risk of bleeding, patients that require removal of a foreign body, or in patient groups that may develop some critical shortness of breath.

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