11 Aralık 2018

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Medical School

Dokuz Eylul University


Specialty(Thoracic Surgeon)

Thoracic Surgery

S.B.Ü. Dr.Suat Seren Chest Disseases and Thoracic Surgery SUAM


Associate Professor

Thoracic Surgery

S.B.Ü. Dr.Suat Seren Chest Disseases and Thoracic Surgery SUAM


Memberships :

  • Turkish Society of Thoracic Surgery
  • Turkish Lung Cancer Association
  • Turkish Thoracic Society
  • Turkish Pulmonary Research Society

Prizes :

1.Our Surgical Results in the Presence of Single Station N2 - VII. National Lung Cancer Congress Best Oral Presentation Award (24-27 November 2016)

2.Bronchopleural Fistulas: A Difficult Complication, Results of 50 Patients - Turkish Thoracic Society 18th Annual Congress - Thoracic Surgery Working Group Poster Award (1-5 April 2015)

3. Bronchopleural fistula after pneumonectomy in non-small cell lung cancer: Incidence, risk, treatment - 9th National Thoracic Surgery Congress - Second Prize for Oral Presentation (4-7 May 2017)

Courses and Trainings:

1. Recent Developments in Thorax Radiology, May 2001, Izmir.

2. Surgical Course of Mediastinum, April, 2002, Antalya

3. Basic Chest Oncology Course, April, Antalya.

4. Rigid Bronchoscopy, April, 2003, Ankara.

5. Course of Thoracic Surgery, August, 2003, Istanbul.

6. Postoperative Complications and Treatments, April, 2004, Antalya.

7. Basic Biostatistics, April, 2005, Antalya.

8. 2nd General Thoracic Surgery Course, June, 2006, Bursa.

9. Staging Course in Lung Cancer, April, 2006, Antalya.

10. Infectious Diseases Course in Thoracic Surgery, April, 2007, Antalya.

11. International Pulmonary and Pleural Malignancies Symposium, November, 2007, Istanbul.

12. Scientific Writing and Reading Techniques, February, 2008, Izmir.

13. McKenna, VATS Lobektomi Workshop”, September 2011, Izmir.

14. Lung Cancer Symposium, September, 2012, Mersin

15. Symposium on Changes in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer, November, 2012, Izmir

16. Endobronchial Ultrasonography (EBUS) course, December, 2012, Izmir.

17. Invasive Mechanical Ventilation Course in Respiratory Intensive Care, December, 2012, Izmir.

18. Okada, Hybrid resection surgery Workshop, March, 2013, Izmir.

19. Surgical Techniques Course in Esophageal Cancer, September, 2013, Erzurum.

20. Symposium on Innovations in Lung Cancer Treatment, September, Çanakkale

21. Chest Diseases Emergency Course, May, 2014, Izmir.

22. Current Approach to Pulmonary Nodules, September, 2014, Izmir

23. Thoracic Ultrasonography and EBUS Course, April, 2015, Aydın.

24. Symposium on Problem Solving Methods in Thoracic Trauma, September, 2015, Gaziantep

25. EBUS, Esophagoscopy and EBUS Course, May, 2017, Antalya.

Certifications :

Thoracic surgeon

Interests :

Complex lung cancer surgery, mediastinoscopy, mediastinum surgery, thoracic trauma, tracheal, bronchial and vascular sleeve resections, video-assisted surgery

Language spoken : Turkish, English