Health Care at Izmir
07 Aralık 2018

Izmir, with its increasing number of medical schools and highly specialized trained clinicians and scientists, is becoming more attractive for health investments day by day.

Izmir has,

  • 27 state hospitals
  • 18 private hospitals
  • 3 university hospitals

With an integrated approach to well-being through healthy living and sports, İzmir promotes an active lifestyle and balanced, organic nutrition.

The most important healing center of the 4th century BC, named after the ancient god of medicine and healing Asclepius, Asclepion was built in Pergamon, İzmir. The fame of the city's thermal waters, mud baths and mineral springs date back to 5th century BC. Ancient Baths of Agamemnon, today known as Balçova Thermal Springs is a healing heaven for locals and tourists suffering from arthritis, asthma, rheumatism, sciatica, gallstones and eczema. Several thermal establishments in the area deliver this high sulphur healing water at the average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and make Balçova a relaxation and healing as well as pampering destination. The resort town of Çeşme is also renowned with its underwater thermal springs, with dozens of hotels benefiting from and offering the waters.

The city's health offerings are exceptional not only in the natural sense, but also technologically. There are a growing number of medical schools, science and research institutions and trained clinicians, making the city a preferred go-to destination for health and medical services.

With approximately 300 days of sunshine, the city offers a variety of outdoor activities like windsurfing, kitesurfing, mountain biking, swimming, diving, trekking, and camping. Host to the Mediterranean Olympics and Universiade (World University Games), İzmir is expanding its portfolio of sports facilities with the construction of several sports arenas. There are over 100 mountain trails for hiking and mountain biking; in fact only the city center has a 40 km long coastal path including a track and a cycling trail. The district of Seferihisar is a certified Cittaslow (Slow City) - a model for a calmer, healthier lifestyle. It meets more than 60 of the criteria set forth for Slow Cities: preserving local tastes, supporting the Slow Food philosophy, using clean energy, maintaining places of historical and cultural value, and many more.